Thursday, May 3, 2012

Really, Coffee! You Can't Be Serious!

"Coffee, have you slipped and bumped your head. My friend for over 15 years I've marketed and sold telecom, lotion, potions, chocolate, water filters, travel and financial services. But Coffee, REALLY!?".

Those were my words I got a call from a good friend telling me about his new Star Bucks Like business. I couldn't grasp coffee as a vehicle to obtain wealth. My experience with was as an stimulate to help me stay alert whenever I traveled and started to feel tried. Never-the-less I ask my friend to send me some samples.

The samples arrived in the mail,  and I threw them on top of the kitchen counter where they say for 3 days. Then came the tasters choice day so I opened a cabinet, pulled out a cup, boiled some water, poured the contents of the "Gourmet Cafe Latte" into the cup and added the hot water. Took one sip, hmmmmm; two sips wow ; three sips OMG! The coffee was delicious, with no bitter taste,  and did I mentioned the coffee taste great.

But something did happen that caught my attention, I suddenly felt energized. Forty five minutes later I found myself in the middle of my junk room (the unofficial storage room that is) spring cleaning with plenty of energy. That day I cleaning the entire house with plenty of energy to spare. But get this, I had no jitters and no sudden crashing (unlike what normally happens after a cup of the other coffees).

Today I'm very happy to say I now drink a cup everyday and I to am a distributor of some the finest coffee in the world.

Get your samples today and conduct your own test. Just email me at or call at 302-468-6447.

Thank You
Michael Parker Sr  

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